15-Minute Sketch: People

by Paint Tube 1 Minutes

Whether you are an artist who is inspired by the human figure or you're a landscape artist looking to add people into your paintings, the human form is a useful drawing skill to have in your pocket.

Grab your paper and pencil and get some drawing practice in. It only takes 15-minutes!

We'd love to see what you're sketching! Send your drawings to Kelly@CCPVideos.com!


Please note: The video does not include audio. Five reference photos will be on the screen each for 3 minutes each. Think of it like your no-excuses reference photo slideshow. Ready, set, sketch!



Links to original images here:

Image 1: Man walking with bike

Image 2: Woman on beach

Image 3: People waiting for a subway

Image 4: Two people at a bench

Image 5: Couple walking dog on beach