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Eric Rhoads' Art Marketing Boot Camp III


Video Length: 4 Hours 8 Minutes
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Art Marketing Boot Camp III is geared toward helping artists take their marketing to a higher level.

In this video, Eric Rhoads reveals a system even the most marketing-savvy artist can learn from, one that will help you automate your sales and marketing process, ultimately allowing you more time to paint. He'll show you techniques for making your advertising more effective by capturing names for future marketing, and how to ensure that you aren't keeping all your eggs in a single marketing basket.

In short, you'll learn to sell more art and develop a strong base income as an artist, based on Rhoads' core principles for selling and marketing, illustrated in three new, data-driven strategies—and much more.

  • Sales Principles
  • Differentiation
  • Building Celebrity


With this exclusive training, you will learn:

  • How to automate lead-gathering
  • How to automate your sales process, allowing you more time to paint
  • How to sell art
  • How to make your advertising doubly effective
  • How to make every ad capture leads
  • How to prevent marketing disaster
  • How to develop a strong base income
  • How to remove the chains and live your dream life
  • How ordinary people are getting extraordinary results
  • Building your success as an artist
  • How to increase your prices
  • How to make ads work more effectively
  • Building a base income as an artist
  • How to build your celebrity
  • How seniors can market faster
  • The three "legs" of the marketing stool
  • How to attract customers like a magnet
  • Highly targeted ad messaging
  • Finding and speaking to the heart of your ideal client
  • Getting inside the mind of the art buyer and art collector
  • Understanding critical customer value strategies
  • The pillars of success
  • Finding and attracting richer clients
  • Avoiding the circulation trap
  • How your ego can waste your marketing money
  • Predisposing customers to buy
  • Creating expert status with customers
  • How to implement and create your own PR campaign
  • Creating a "sizzle plan" to sell for you
  • The power of the "halo effect" Selling abundance
  • Overcoming objections
  • Preparing for a sale
  • Obtaining peak state of mind
  • Rhoads' sales principles to success
  • Understanding and appealing to various types of buyers
  • Building community
  • Creating demand and urgency to buy
  • Writing great copy
  • Building traffic to your website and social media
  • Creating new art buyer leads
  • Fishing for buyers, not customers
  • Expanding geographic boundaries
  • Creating a side profit for your art business
  • A new way to obtain corporate commissions
  • A strategy to sell a group of affluent buyers to pay your monthly mortgage
  • Creating an information marketing strategy
  • How to get paid to speak
  • Direct marketing tools that work surprisingly well
  • The proper advertising process
  • Avoiding common advertising mistakes

And much more!


Please Note: the material covered in the Art Marketing Boot Camp series is meant to be consumed in a sequence starting with Art Marketing Boot Camp (followed by Art Marketing Boot Camp II, etc.). While the trainings are technically independent of each other, each video explores new information and builds upon concepts covered in earlier Art Marketing Bootcamp videos. For this reason, we recommend that all art marketers start their training with Art Marketing Boot Camp.


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