15-Minute Sketch: Cows

by Paint Tube 1 Minutes

Newsletter reader Barbara P. suggested cows as a theme for 15-Minute Sketch.


We love it! And even better it'll help you with Daniel Marshall's video workshop, Plein Air Watercolor: Capturing Nature where he adds cows as a compositional element in his field. They weren't in the field with him but through memory, he added them. 


Grab your paper and pencil and get some drawing practice in. It only takes 15-minutes!

We'd love to see what you're sketching! Send your drawings to Kelly@CCPVideos.com! (Also, if you have a request for subject, we'll do our best!) 


Please note: The video does not include audio. Five reference photos will be on the screen each for 3 minutes each. Think of it like your no-excuses reference photo slideshow. Ready, set, sketch!



Links to original images here:

Image 1: Cow through fence 

Image 2: Cow amid fern

 Image 3: Mom and baby cow in field 

Image 4: Two cows snuggling 

Image 5: Brown cow with tags