Thomas W. Schaller

Thomas W. Schaller DVD/Book Combo Set



Own this DVD/Book Combo Set From One of Today’s Best Watercolor Artists

Watercolor: The Power of Design with Thomas W. Schaller DVD

If you’ve ever struggled to paint complex subject matter … or you’ve avoided a subject because it just seemed too difficult, you’re going to love how Tom shows you different ways you can easily include more complex elements in your paintings.

He’ll help you break down the complex into manageable parts that become much easier to paint. He’ll show you how to combine man-made architectural features with the natural world so your paintings will have a harmonious flow to them.

Thomas is one of today’s best watercolor artists, and you’ll easily learn from him as he shares his best methods and techniques for developing your own voice and then using that voice to tell your stories through your paintings. You’ll learn his entire painting process. 

“Everything you need to become an incredible artist is already there inside you, just waiting to be found.”                      — Thomas W. Schaller


Powerful ideas you’ll discover from Thomas W. Schaller:

  • Ask yourself THIS question before you EVER start another painting!
  • Leave it in or take it out? The power of good editing!
  • Composition is the best storyteller — don’t miss this!
  • How complementary colors will bring you more compliments!
  • TWO things you should just let happen in your paintings (you never would have guessed!)
  • Photograph vs. Sketch (one will win every time!)
  • Why Thomas is in love with luminous shadows … now you can create them!
  • When worlds collide … nature vs. man-made (now you’ll know what to do!)
  • Are you just “looking” or genuinely “seeing”? (Discover the difference!)
  • The “why” behind the “how” — critical to your growth as an artist!
  • The power of using a dynamic value range
  • Are you “living” in your paintings? Well, get ready to move in!
  • Do THIS and you’ll be painting much faster!
  • Stand out in the noisy art world and make your artistic voice heard!
  • Lost the ability to identify your own personal perspective? Get re-trained right here!
  • And much, much more!


Thomas W. Schaller: Architect of Light Hardcover Book

The first and only collection of work from this popular contemporary artist, Thomas W. Schaller: Architect of Light features 150 of his finest paintings—buildings, bridges, boats, people and other scenes from around the world.

In a series of essays, Schaller ruminates on his journey as an artist, what drives him, and the "truths" he's discovered along the way. He offers not only sage insight on composition, color and other technical aspects of painting, but also provocative perspective on more fundamental struggles for the artist, such as overcoming self-doubt and honing one's own, unique voice. 

Schaller's essays, like his art, shine with passion, authenticity, and the epiphanies that comprise his artistic constellation: discovering the power of breathing...the secret to "finding the art" in any subject...and how the quest for perfection led him to worry less about the final result to take greater joy in the process itself. It's a pivoting read for collector, art-lover and practicing artist alike, full of views to savor and enlighten.

Powerful Paintings from a Watercolor Master 

"The most nearly 'perfect' paintings to me are rarely the ones simply characterized by technical expertise. More often, they are the ones in which you can sense the beating heart of the artist just below the surface—flaws included."

Twenty years into a career as architect and architectural illustrator, Thomas Schaller embarked upon a bold new path as a fine artist. Today he is one of the world's most accomplished watercolor artists, celebrated for his poignant treatment of light and its dynamic interplay with the natural and manmade landscape.

 Book Dimensions: 11x12x1 - 208 pages