Shuang Li

Shuang Li: Fearless Waterscapes

Video Length: 2 Hours 56 Minutes
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Painting water can feel like learning to speak a new language. It’s unnatural, confusing, and what seems simple just isn’t. You see, water has a language all its own, and if you don’t understand it, you’ll never be able to harness the beauty and the power of it in your paintings.

Welcome to Fearless Waterscapes with Shuang Li, a video workshop that will help you become fluent in the unique language of painting water.

Shuang opens your eyes to a different way of looking at water. You’ll discover that unlike other subjects, you can’t translate water directly from a photo to a painting; you have to first learn the language. Shuang shows you how working from multiple reference photos helps you capture the true emotion of water.

With Shuang’s help, you’ll unlock the secrets of reflection: how different types of water react differently to the objects around them. You’ll explore the various ways to approach flat water and moving water. You’ll discover a way to capture the sparkle of moving water every single time. And you’ll uncover techniques for creating wet effects on rocks and the sense of water spilling over objects to create more energy and interest.

Learn to create paintings with as much energy and expression as water itself with Shuang Li’s Fearless Waterscapes.

Customer Reviews

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Pat Iacuzzi
Beautifully done!

As an art teacher myself, I appreciate this artist's ability to demonstrate her lovely work with easy-to-follow methods.

Cynthia Martin
Shuang Li - Fearless Waterscapes

Fabulous production....Shuang gives us insight as to her thought process every step of the really can understand from start to finish her approach to completing a successful painting!!!
Things change as the painting moves along...her insight as to what it needs at every step along the way is a marvel to watch!!!!This is the most insightful video I have seen!!

great video full of information and tips

i have been lucky to have gone to a demo with shuang li demo and workshop with her.. she is so nice in sharing her talent and giving wonderful tips. on her first video she didn't disappoint. love how she got the amazing depth in her painting.. she makes it seem so effortless. the video is long and full of information and well worth seeing over and over again.. hoping her next video will be on waves, ocean and rocks... which she does so well .

Armando Cepeda

Shuang's art is exciting and highly professional. I look forward in attending one of her demonstrations.

Cindy L
Fearless Waterscapes with Shuang Li

The video is excellent and easy to follow. Love that Shuang says what she's thinking as she's planning and painting. I have also taken her plein air class. After viewing and practicing this video, I would highly recommend taking one of her classes. She's a very patient teacher who really cares that you are learning and being successful.