Michael Holter

Michael Holter: 7 Steps to Watercolor Portraits

Video Length: 5 Hours 36 Minutes
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Maybe it’s the way sun catches a face, an expression, the smiling eyes of someone you love ... There is something about people that calls you to paint them. 

And you’ve tried. Again and again you’ve tried. But are you totally happy with your paintings?

What if your most successful portraits are dull and lifeless? Where do you even begin to regain your confidence?

It’s time to breathe life into your portrait painting with Michael Holter’s 7 Steps to Watercolor Portraits. In Michael’s video, you’ll discover that what you need is a solid plan for your portrait painting ... exactly 7 simple steps. 

In 7 Steps to Watercolor Portraits, you’ll discover how to get a good composition for your painting and how to get it down onto your drawing paper accurately every time. You’ll uncover Michael’s secrets for using warm and cool for a portrait that sparkles … plus numerous tips that bring it all together. 

Watch as Michael works through two complete portrait demonstrations, and paint along to gain the confidence that you can do this on your own. You’ll be amazed at how accomplished you feel when creating portraits that look like your subject, but are still painterly. 

People are complicated, but painting them doesn’t have to be. Through Michael’s 7 steps, you’ll discover the freedom of working through your painting one confident step at a time. 

Techniques to Take With You!

  • Complete two start-to-finish watercolor paintings
  • How to paint portraits with a step-by-step process
  • How to sculpt the face through color and value
  • How to glaze
  • How to add sparkle to your painting with warm and cool colors
  • How to create loose, painterly paintings 
  • How to use values to create a stronger painting
  • A no-fail way to transfer your photo to your paper 
  • Useful tips on composition


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Renae Hill
    Enjoying Micheal Holter watercolor videos

    Michael Holter is an accomplished watercolorist and teaches step by step instruction. I can't wait to start painting portraits with this simple approach. It's so helpful!

    Sylvia Moritz
    Great key to portraits in watercolor

    I am a portrait painter. I usually work from my own photographs and have some amazing candid shots for paintings. this video demonstrates how to get the most out of your photographs for paintings. thank you

    Rene Wojcik
    Michael’s portrait DVvD is fabulous!

    This DVD is just fabulous. Having taken his workshop on painting portraits with Watercolor is exactly what he teaches. This DVD Iis a refresher course for me and I will watch it over and over. Michael is a great teacher and person as well as a fine watercolor artist. This DVD is far and away better than any book on the subject.

    Jean Forrester
    Best lesson in water color.

    I really enjoyed watching the DVD . It was very informative.

    Robert Kleinman

    The videos helped me to get over a bump in my try to do portraits- it helped with the use of colours for shading within the face