Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman: Timeless Landscapes


Video Length: 4 Hours 30 Minutes
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Here’s a glimpse at what Michael Coleman brings to you in this video:

  • The THREE colors he uses to paint any sky
  • How to simulate the right look for clouds and the feeling they give
  • Why it’s OK to use your IMAGINATION when creating your landscape
  • How the SKY color influences ALL surfaces and how to show it
  • The color of the sky REFLECTION in water and how to make it look real
  • How to add layers of lights and darks to create distance
  • The way light can help feature rocks and texture up close
  • Add light passages and darks
  • A technique to “knock down” brushwork in the background so it doesn’t look like “paint”
  • How to make it FEEL like you can WALK INTO the painting
  • The TWO brushes you NEED to paint any sky
  • How to paint trees with the corner of THIS type of brush for maximum realism
  • How to give PERSONALITY to your brushstrokes — YOUR style will emerge!
  • The ONE brush you MUST HAVE to virtually guarantee a realistic painting
  • Capture the true beauty of a rainbow!
  • And much, much more!


Overall, you’ll discover:

  1. Exactly what colors to use when painting the sky
  2. What brushes to use and HOW to use them
  3. Composing your painting from a simple sketch
  4. How to keep your colors clean
  5. What to look for when developing your landscape
  6. How to add a touch of LIFE


These SIX main techniques are demonstrated in vivid, high-definition detail. While Michael is a man of few words, his brilliant steps are exposed one by one, and anyone of any skill level can immediately apply what Michael is showing. 


Of course, those six steps are not enough by themselves. Michael will show you how he approaches a painting from the very beginning with his “3 opposites” method:

  1. Top to Bottom
  2. Warm to Cool
  3. The 3rd opposite secret!


With a systematic approach, you can create and finish more landscapes, faster and easier than ever before. Michael will show you how he starts at the top of the painting first. He’ll work on the sky. You’ll see exactly what he does (and doesn’t do) when creating a sky so realistic, you’ll feel like you're looking through a window at the real thing!

Then, he works his way to the bottom. He’ll lay in the shapes and the major pieces of his scene. You’ll see this in slow, clear detail. This “Top to Bottom” approach allows you to create more quickly. You’ll see just how simple and stripped-down this method is and how easy it will be for you to do the same with your paintings.

Then he starts with his warm colors. You’ll find out why when you watch Michael in action. You have only to look at some of the paintings in his gallery (an exhibit of his works is included with the video) to see the result when this “Warm to Cool” approach is taken. It works.

Finally, there is a final “opposite” that really makes the painting spring to life. You’ll find out what it is, AND you’ll watch Michael do it. Seeing is believing. You’ll feel like you’re getting behind-the-scenes access as you’ll literally see how the magic is done.

If you do have a basic understanding of reference materials and a little bit of experience, it will be even easier. You’ll find that Michael will be able to put you in a state where you can just move ahead. He’ll encourage you to “forget the rules and just paint.” But the truth is, you’ll be following all the rules, you just won’t realize it.

The “Coleman Triad” is included in this exclusive new video, Timeless Landscapes by Michael Coleman

In this new course, Michael finally shares his “Coleman Triad,” the three key elements that every single one of his paintings has that makes it stand out from all other artists. He believes THIS is what makes his paintings receive such huge amounts of attention. He believes THIS is why collectors, and museums demand more and more paintings from him. Now, finally, in this video, he shares this closely guarded secret with you.

The “Coleman Triad”
Over his career, Michael has spent a lot of time outdoors. He has traveled extensively. He has stood in the still morning air of Glacier National Park and in the forests of Langau, Austria. These moments are special. They are not rushed. He soaks it all in. He absorbs the environment. He listens. He feels. He watches. And then, he puts it all together:

The Artist, Nature, and the “X” factor

The “Triad” has three critical sides. If any one of them is missing, the painting will be a failure. Just knowing this ONE insight from Michael may be worth the entire video to you.

First, The Artist

As I mentioned, Michael is a part of his art. He doesn’t just look and then paint. He stands in the scene. He smells the air. He feels the mist. He notices everything that moves. He finds himself becoming part of the experience. He knows that if he tries to rush this step, one of the sides of his “triad” collapses. So, he is careful to be fully present. He focuses on being hyper-aware.

Next is Nature

When you are painting outside, there is a lot to absorb. There is also a lot that can distract you. Bugs can invade your space. Rain can fall. Your feet can get wet. But all of that IS nature. Michael has perfected a way to notice and appreciate all of this in a way that is reflected in his final landscapes that are so enthralling. They grab your eyes and don’t let go.

Finally, the “X” factor

The final side of the “Coleman Triad” is the “X” factor. If you’ve viewed any of Michael’s work, you’ll notice this element. It is in every one of his paintings. He will explain why. He will show that THIS one element is so engaging that he must put it in every painting, even if it isn’t there in real life! He is a talented master. With his insights, you’ll be one step closer to this level of creative mastery.

Learn how Michael Coleman created an environment that inspires him to paint at his best every day, and how you can too

Michael is inspired by painting outside. He captures this inspiration through all his senses and sketches. He also often brings a piece of the outside home with him to his studio.  

The studio Michael has created has developed into a sort of museum and creative oasis. The walls are decorated with artifacts from his many trips. He has a huge personal library of several thousand books that inspires him daily. 

He will talk about his studio and you’ll get valuable insights into how important it is to his process. You may decide to take a fresh look at where you are painting and make a few upgrades to your environment.  It matters.

You might think that it will take you a lifetime to paint like Michael Coleman, right? Wrong!

This is the genius of this new video. Michael will be the first to tell you that he is inspired and takes energy from all those who have come before him. This is the main reason he has such a huge and impressive collection of art books. Those thousands of books have helped him to become magnitudes better than he ever could have been by trial and error alone. That’s what you will get when you learn from Michael. You’ll start so far ahead of your peers. This video will be your ‘secret weapon’ in advancing your technique and your entire painting journey.

What to never do in a landscape painting, and why. (If you get this wrong, people will not even look twice at your paintings.)

This is a truly hidden gem in this entire video by Michael. He exposes what his experience has proven to be a huge mistake many artists make in their landscape paintings. Early on, he discovered this, and since that time, he has never made this mistake. He now gets it right every time. Demand for his work has never been stronger. Now, for the first time, he shares this secret in this video.

Give Michael Coleman one day of your time, and you’ll come away with a FINISHED painting that will shock and amaze you

This is yet another distinct advantage of THIS video. You’ll see Michael go from sketch and blank canvas to finished landscape in one day. He’ll show you how to do this using HIS methods and techniques. You’ll see how efficient and smooth he is with his process. Soon, you’ll be increasing the amount of finished paintings you’re able to create. 

The truth about brushes - and chances are it’s not what you think

Michael has spent a lifetime painting. He’s used every possible brush on the market. But he has discovered something incredible that he believes makes a difference in how well his paintings convey emotion. In this video, he’ll share this unexpected brush-secret with you.



  • Introduction–learn a little about Michael and what he loves to paint and what he’ll be demoing in this video
  • Materials & Prep–brief review of the paints and brushes Michael uses and insights into why. And watch as he sketches his scene onto his painting surface.
  • The Underpainting
  • Build Up Color & Texture
  • Paint the Rainbow (and other things)
  • Fine Tuning



  • High Speed View of the demonstration painting set to music–fun to watch it develop!
  • Studio Tour:Walk through Michael’s studio. You’ll see where he makes his magical paintings, see his countless artifacts, the hand-made treasures that have been gifted to him, and the wildlife which he reveres.
  • Exhibit of Works–View a collection of Michael’s paintings and sculptures – inspirational and set to music
  • Insights from the Artists–Sit with Michael and his artist son, Nicholas, in Michael’s cozy library and learn how they got that first spark of passion for paint, and how they live their lives as family men, artists, and outdoorsmen.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Carol McDermott
Michael Coleman: Timeless Landscapes

I absolutely love Michael Coleman's ability to create fantastic works of art! Following his work for many years, I've enjoyed each time I see one of his masterpieces! I've always wanted to watch his creation process, as if a fly on the wall. Thank you for making my dream come true with this fantastic video! Would love to purchase more Michael Coleman videos if, you can talk him into another video session.

Carol McDermott
Michael Coleman: Timeless Landscapes

I absolutely love Michael Coleman's ability to create fantastic works of art! Following his work for many years, I've enjoyed each time I see one of his masterpieces! I've always wanted to watch his creation process, as if a fly on the wall. Thank you for making my dream come true with this fantastic video! Would love to purchase more Michael Coleman videos if, you can talk him into another video session.

Ollie Klepiak
Keeping Things Simple!

Many thanks for the Michael Coleman Timeless Landscape Video. Sometimes, we as artists, get far too much involved with trying to be perfect with our creations. Realism is a great thing but keeping things simple can be just as rewarding. My painting format has changed dramatically since purchasing this video and I am finally creating new artwork that others recognise as my own personal style. My choice of brushes has been reduced dramatically as has my colors choices keeping to a limited pallete of only eight colors which includes white and burnt umber. I love Michael Coleman's relaxed style and approach to his work which I have adopted and I find myself enjoying my works much more.

Brett Gordon
Incredible fly-on-the-wall view of a master fine artist at work!

I am so glad that I purchased this tutorial by the renowned, Michael Coleman. His easy, laid-back style of teaching from the nucleus of his own home studio was fun to watch as he demonstrates how he approaches a subject and then paints it over a period of 3-4 days. He shares some personal memories from his past that led to him becoming a world-famous painter, which I found very thoughtful and meaningful. He shares some very important tips with respect to the brushes, paints, and medium he uses to create very realistic skies, trees, birds, rainbows, water, and rocks. The only cons (and these are very minor) is that he doesn't explain what board/canvas he paints on. I believe is it prepared MDF, but I am not 100% certain. His palette (a work of art in itself) is a medley of untidiness with piles of old paint from months of painting - leaving a very small area for mixing - so it was difficult to know what color pigments he was using on occasion. This in no way takes away from the pleasure and knowledge I gained from this master, and so, I would recommend this DVD or streaming video to all of my fellow painters looking for a professional method of painting realistic compositions in oil.