Vera Kavura

Vera Kavura: Painting the Flowers of Ukraine


Video Length: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
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Vera is back!


Vera Kavura’s debut video was received so well that we invited her back to create a second video. This time, she focuses on Painting the flowers of Ukraine - her home country. 

Her style is captivating. Her teaching is inspiring. She has fans of her work around the world and now is your chance to get instruction directly from her to take your painting to the next level.


Here’s a small taste of what’s inside“Painting the Flowers of Ukraine”:

  • How to harness the emotional power of flowers on your canvas
  • How to paint realistic flowers WITHOUT drawing/sketching or any long preparation
  • Vera's pastel techniques to create shape and form just by using colors
  • How to develop your “Artist's Intuition” to capture the flower’s natural beauty
  • Key insights that will help you create lifelike and emotionally impactful floral paintings
  • TWO detailed demonstrations of Vera’s award-winning pastel techniques (spring flowers and irises)
  • Learn how to paint from LIFE and stop copying photos
  • How to use pastel multi-layering to create picturesqueness
  • How to use soft pastels to create beautiful details
  • How to create different effects by applying the right amount of pressure
  • What types of colors to use for flowers, and which ones to avoid
  • Tips on how to see the UNDERTONES of the flower
  • How to create the illusion of volume and depth
  • PLUS: Advanced Pastel Technique: “Contrast Intensification” (This will transform how you paint flowers)
  • …and so many more tips!


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tamara DeNais
Amazing pastel artist!

The flowers Vera creates with pastel are unbelievable beautiful, I am trying not to miss any of her new painting on social media or other resources. It's great to see how Vera paints, and learn about some of her great techniques. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and your amazing talent!

Dolores Dugger Howze

Natural as Real

Flowers of Ukraine

Very relaxing presentation using pan, pastels and soft sticks, and charcoal. Things are explained very clearly with a nice poetic bent. I learned a lot.

Louise Payovich

She is so talented and does a great job explaining how to use both pan pastels and stick pastels together