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Iain Stewart: High Level Sketching


Video Length: 5 Hours
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Discover How Your Sketchbook Can Become Your Most Valuable Tool

Award-winning artist reveals unconventional watercolor strategies to paint with the adventure and fearlessness of a sketch…

Artists know that one of the best places to record what you see and feel is in your sketchbook. The relaxation it brings is meditative. You are free to do anything in your private sketchbook — experiment, be inventive, try new techniques, create whole new worlds within its pages.

Award-winning artist Iain Stewart enjoyed the freedom he felt painting in his sketchbook so much that he decided to take it to a higher level, asking, "What if you could work on a studio painting using this same method and mindset?"

It may sound strange, but his unconventional approach is winning him shows and events!

Not only is he going to prove that it’s possible for you…

…he’s also going to show you how painting-as-sketching can help you be more adventurous with your creations.

If you’re looking for a method that engages your creative mind, this is it.

You’re going to discover techniques to reveal and nurture your “painting voice”...

…how to really say what you want to say…

…and how to paint scenes that viewers can connect with and feel deep inside — more than just architecture and people passing by.

But that’s just scratching the surface of High Level Sketching. Here’s what you can expect to learn inside:


  • Discover the "Sketching on Steroids" approach that can help you win shows and events…
  • How to find and nurture your unique "painting voice"...
  • How to embrace exploration and craft your own narrative in your paintings…
  • How to BREAK FREE from your reference photograph or the scene in front of you, and be FREE to paint what truly moves you...
  • Strategies to strengthen your creative mind so you can create more impactful works of art...
  • The ONE tweak to your approach that will transform the final result of your painting...
  • How to successfully CAPTURE the essence and emotion of a scene...
  • How to tell a story with your painting that captivates viewers…
  • Uncover Iain's brilliant approach to sketching as painting … and how it frees you to be more creative…
  • How to let go of fear and the need to be absolutely accurate when painting figures, vehicles, trees, and architectural subjects...
  • Invaluable tips to develop your Artist’s Eye…
  • How to prepare your painting the RIGHT way (drawing tips included!)...
  • Essential techniques such as mastering "edge control," how to save your lights, how to draw and paint with expression, mixing color, how to use your brush effectively and with confidence…
  • PLUS: Effortlessly nail perspective with Iain’s "Sky Keyhole" technique…
  • …and so much more!


Meet Your Watercolor Instructor, Iain Stewart!

Iain is a Scots-born watercolor artist and a Signature Member of both the American and National Watercolor Societies (among many other state and international entities)...

…and he’s an instructor like no other.

His work has received numerous awards in international competition, and his paintings proudly hang in many corporate and private collections…

…but the question is, what makes his art stand out?

Rather than a traditional art education, Iain received his degree in architecture, which profoundly influenced his understanding of composition, shape, space, and form.

After spending the majority of his career as an architectural illustrator, he set himself free from the constraints of that role to reinvent and redesign his art without boundaries.

This makes both him and his art truly unique.

His original style makes him a highly coveted watercolor mentor and judge. He's been featured in numerous books and periodicals, and his art is celebrated worldwide. Additionally, he has recently been inducted into the Whiskey Painters of America!

As an instructor, Iain takes great pleasure in sharing his personal mantras — phrases that maintain his tranquility and confidence while painting. But most importantly, they serve as a reminder to play!

With Iain as your mentor, you can rest assured that your painting skills will soar!


This course is perfect for you if:

  • You wish to paint trees, vehicles, figures, and architectural subjects, and want a firm understanding of how to simplify urban scenes…
  • You feel your work is too rigid and want to loosen up…
  • You want to break away from the frustration of trying to capture "reality" and instead explore limitless possibilities of storytelling with your art... (EVERY artist should listen to this!) 


Chapter Breakdown 

  1. Introduction
  2. Materials
  3. Preparation: Finding Your Story
  4. Drawing
  5. Mother Wash: Create the Atmosphere
  6. Second Wash: Underpainting
  7. Build Layers
  8. Finalize the Midground
  9. Foreground & Final Adjustments


Extra Bonuses:

  • High Speed View for your painting convenience
  • Exhibit of Works for your creative inspiration
  • Interview with Eric Rhoads for insights and motivation


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Iain Stewart: High Level Sketching

This is the video to BUY..So many lessons in- one! Ian answers questions about the dilemmas you run into! AMAZING teacher!!!

James Turner
worth it

I have long admired Iain's painting style and have done a workshop with him. He is an excellent instructor and this video is a good example. Thorough, detailed, and clear, describes his thoughts and painting process well. Worth the $$ and more importantly, worth the time invested in watching.

Linda j rawlings

Excellent presentation. Unique. My interest using watercolor with architectural subject matter has been of interest. Iain Stewart is uniquely talented.

Debbie Fowler
Wow, So Much Information!

The purchase of this Iain Stewart video was prompted by his very interesting way of approaching a painting and his architectural illustrator back round. I was intrigued by his High Level Sketching outlook. Throughout the video, I became even more fascinated as he tied his method to working en plein air as well!
Every step of the way in the demo, his precise explanations of how (technique) and why (thought process) made it one of the most informative demos I've seen to date.
The cityscape design from multiple photos initially made me crazy to watch, incredible amount of detail! But as I watched and listened every bit made sense, including Iain's very dry sense of humor!
As many details that were, "seemingly" in the painting, there were as many if not more details, pointers and helpful hints throughout the 4 hour video.
This video is one I will watch, dissect and practice with again and again. Remembering...."it's that dance between fast, slow, thick, thin, dark, light, warm and cool as well"

Diana Goodwin
Iain Stewart: High Level Sketching

This is the video to BUY..So many lessons in- one! Ian answers questions about the dilemmas you run into! AMAZING teacher!!!