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Mary Garrish: Tonalism


Video Length: 3 Hours
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Mary Garrish’s “Tonalism” Reveals What Most Artists Lack… And The Simple Techniques To Make Your Paintings Irresistible To Viewers

An important video for artists of all levels. Discover shortcuts to mastering values and colors… how to enhance emotions in your paintings using a limited palette… and the simple method to create “poetic” paintings! 

What is Mary Garrish’s “TONALISM” about?

This video contains everything you need to know about Tonalism and how to paint in that style. Tonalism has tons of benefits for any artist because it can help you improve your understanding of values and colors, two key elements in any successful painting.

You’ll also discover how Tonalism can enhance emotions in your paintings, and how you can do it too using simple techniques that Mary will share in this video.

Whether you paint en plein air or in the studio, Mary will share her methodical approach to painting so that you too can create wonderful scenes just like her, no matter the landscape.

In this video, Mary is going to guide you through the process of creating a stunning painting of a moon rising over a marsh, using a limited palette to achieve a harmonious effect.

Not only will you get to witness Mary's exceptional painting skills as she executes this tonal nocturne scene, but you'll also learn a ton about tonalism, value, and design. 

You’ll also get to learn about how to use cold wax to make your paintings stand out even more.

Take advantage of this opportunity to study the work of one of the best artists today. Mary’s extensive experience in painting and teaching will surely give you the information you need to create your next masterpiece.

All you have to do is watch and follow along! 

Inside “Tonalism”, Mary will show you:

  • Discover how tonalism can help you control your values easier, and how it paves the way for you to create stunning “poetic” or “moody” paintings…
  • How to master your values and grasp of colors quicker by understanding Tonalism…
  • How to create attention-grabbing paintings using a very limited palette…
  • How to achieve a harmonious effect in your paintings…
  • Mary’s methodical approach to design you can use either en plein air or in the studio…
  • How to set the mood with a limited palette…
  • In-depth discussion of works by master tonalism painters like George Inness, John Henry Twachtman, and James McNeill Whistler…
  • Incredible insights on color and composition to help you create collectable masterpieces…
  • Behind-the-scenes look at Mary’s materials and tools…
  • How to easily add texture to your paintings…
  • How to DOUBLE the amount of paint you have…
  • A detailed lesson on design, line, shape, and value…
  • PLUS: Mary’s secret to creating atmospheric paintings…
  • and so much more!

Who Is Mary Garrish?

Meet Mary Garrish, the President of Plein Air Painters of the South East, who brings the beauty of nature to life through her stunning impressionist oil renditions of plein air landscapes. 

Mary has an insatiable passion for painting. She often travels the world annually to capture the most breathtaking scenes in her signature style.

Her artistic talent extends beyond her beautiful paintings. She’s also a dedicated instructor who conducts workshops and demonstrations, both en plein air and in her studio. 

In 2020, she expanded her reach by creating educational videos, including a video release, "6 Elements of Design.” (Now available through Streamline Publishing)

Born in Miami Beach, Florida in 1955, Mary's art is the result of decades of intense study, participation in workshops with the great landscape artists of our time, and experimentation with new techniques and subjects. 

Her artwork hangs in galleries and private collections throughout the United States, and she has been selected to participate in numerous national juried shows. She has also had several one-woman shows at galleries and museums.

But what sets Mary's work apart is the unique magic she brings to each piece. Her paintings have a way of transporting you to the scene, making you feel as if you are right there, surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

As Karen Hewitt Hagan notes, "It's hard to describe how refreshed and relaxed her paintings make you feel, but when you meet her you understand that feeling is a direct translation of Mary's joy and zest for living."

If you want to learn how Mary captures the wonder of nature through the magic of art, this is your chance. You won't be disappointed.


This Video is Perfect For:

  • The beginner painter who doesn’t know where to begin….
  • The painter who wants to have better designs in their paintings…
  • The painter who wants to improve their tonalism painting techniques…
  • The advanced painter who’s looking for the missing piece that will take their paintings to greater heights…
  • Any artist who wants to know what goes behind paintings that leave behind a lasting impression…


Bonuses Included:

  • Insights from the Artist: Learn about Mary and her passion for painting
  • High Speed View for your convenience
  • Exhibit of Works to inspire your next painting


Chapter Breakdown 

00 - Introduction

01 - What is Tonal Painting?

02 - Design: Line, Shape, Value

03 - Materials & Tools

04 - The Wash In

05 - Premixing Paints

06 - The First Layer

07 - The Second Layer

08 - Finishing The Painting

Bonus chapters included!


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mary Garrish: Tonalism

I purchased this video to learn more about tonalism and I was not disappointed. Mary's instructions and demonstrations were easy to understand and actually motivated me to see painting in a different way. I enjoyed watching how she laid paint on the canvas and the many ways that she held her brush and moved the paint around. I know that I will be re-watching this video and referring to it often as I progress with my paintings.

Catherine Kauffman

I consider myself a contemporary realist, but find that I very much seem comfortable with a limited palette. I find myself taking photos for reference of foggy views, rainy days or rocky cliffs or ocean views. My paint application is getting softer. But I couldn't quite figure out what I was doing or how to do it deliberately until I watched Mary Garrish's video. Thank you so much.

Debbie Mattison
Mary Garrish: Tonalism

I purchased this video to learn more about tonalism and I was not disappointed. Mary's instructions and demonstrations were easy to understand and actually mot...

Geof Staniford
Tonalism is Alive

Definitely 5* for me. There are many excellent painters who paint first and teach second. There are many excellent teachers who teach first and paint second. Mary belongs to that small group of individuals who are excellent teachers and excellent painters. I thought the video was extremely well structured throughout. Packed with information both spoken and visual. Absolutely one to watch several times, such a lot to learn from it. I'm now really excited to introduce my class to tonalism and cold wax first week in April here in the UK. I thoroughly recommend this video to anyone who wants to progress their practice.