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JILL CARVER: The Painter’s Toolbox — Ultimate Collection: Tools Explained + Tools Applied


Video Length: 8 Hours
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DVD's available July 17th

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Artists Have Been Waiting For Years To Attend One of Jill Carver’s Rare “Breakthrough Workshops.” After 5 Long Years of Perfecting Her Lesson Structure, She’s Finally Released Her First Ever Workshop!


When master artists need help, who do they seek out?

Do the top artists have all the answers?

It turns out they don’t. 

Even the most accomplished artists need help.

The one teacher they seek out when they get stuck is none other than the brilliant master teacher Jill Carver.

Jill has been secretly helping professional artists get unstuck with their painting skills. They go to her when they want a boost in their creativity and design abilities.

Her workshops are known for giving students painting breakthroughs that dramatically accelerate their learning, enabling them to create stunning paintings with newfound confidence and skill.

With 20 years of teaching experience, plus another 12 years of experience of the art world in London, Jill Carver has established herself as a master teacher.

Her classes are so in demand, her waitlist is at least a year long! In fact, some have been waiting for years to attend her workshop in person.

As she does only four workshops a year due to other commitments, many artists simply don’t have a chance to learn from Jill.

Fully aware of the demand, she wanted to make her teachings available for those who are still waiting to take a class, want a refresher, or are unable to attend in person.

That’s how this video workshop came about — and it was a mammoth project for Jill.

And for us.

It wasn’t easy to capture the content of an entire week-long workshop on video. 

We’ve never done anything like this before. Knowing Jill and her ability to quickly improve students’ artistry, we had to go all out.

We believe this video workshop to be the defining step in an artist’s journey of improvement.

After 5 long years of refining the lesson structure, this video is now ready for the public.

Introducing Jill Carver’s Long-Awaited Video Workshop:

The Painter’s Toolbox: Aligning Composition with Concept


In The Painter’s Toolboxvideo workshop, Jill Carver is going to teach you a fundamental secret of painting:

How to come up with a design plan that fits your

chosen subject matter and concept.

This plan will give you a crystal clear roadmap for moving forward, effectively removing the need to correct and refine your painting constantly.

You’ll learn how to simplify the design process to one or two tools.

You’ll soon see how doing this will help you be far more creative.

You’ll learn how to align composition with concept and how to be FLEXIBLE in choosing different design tools to fit the subject matter.

Ultimately, the most powerful skill you’ll learn is this:

You’ll develop the ability to be INSTINCTIVE with your tool selection, which will solidify your unique voice as an artist.

Jill’s aim with these lessons is to turn the fear and anxiety you feel when painting into endless creativity and a sense of adventure.

You’ll get to explore how to achieve unity and variety, which in turn will expand your design choices beyond moving, simplifying, or editing out.

 With this incredible video, you have three options

You’ll get to develop the important skill of knowing exactly what to do in almost any given situation without feeling overwhelmed with choices.


Part 1 & 2 Combined!

The Painter’s Toolbox: Aligning Composition with Concept

“Premium Edition”

Over 7.5 hours of Premium Instruction

The Premium Edition contains both Part 1 & Part 2.

This is perfect for artists who want to best experience Jill Carver’s complete teachings in one comprehensive set.


This edition includes:

      11 demonstrations of Essential Tools, including:

      Concept Tool

      Shape Tool

      Notan Tool

      Value Management Tool

      Color Management Tool

      Jill's working materials

      How to take these tools outside and apply them to real-world situations

      2 complete start-to-finish painting demonstrations

      Demo 1 : Notan Tool & Value Management Tool

      Demo 2 : Shape Tool & Color Management Tool

      High-speed versions of each demo for your review & enjoyment

      More inspirational paintings to view in Jill’s Exhibit of Works

      Artist Insights with Jill Carver


Here’s a small taste of what’s inside The Painter’s Toolbox: Aligning Composition with Concept:

      Design tools such as concept, shape, notan, value and color management, and how to implement them in your approach…

      How to determine your concept and intention…

      2 full painting demonstrations on how to apply the tools (this alone will skyrocket your artistry)...

      Various exercises and tools to develop your design muscles…

      How to avoid losing your concept once you start painting…

      The secret to staying TRUE to your painting goals…

      Discover the power of shape with Jill through a variety of sample graphics and images…

      4 in-depth demonstrations to develop your language of shape (demonstration No. 4, “What if?” exploration, is a MUST watch)...

      See the importance of when to use 3, 4, or 5 values in varying demonstrations!  

      Discover the ONE tool that helps you prevent problems

      How to determine the perfect tool for any given situation…

      Strategies to help you solidify your unique voice as an artist…

      2 key ingredients that determine the success of your paintings (ignore them, and your painting will fall flat)... embracing and managing ‘unity and variety’ within shape, value, and color

      How to open up your creativity so you won’t start your paintings the same way every time…

      Understand how value, color, and composition intersect with each other (do NOT miss this)...

      A super-simplified way to ensure your paintings always turn out great…

      PLUS: Discover an approach that BUILDS confidence in you…

      …and so many more incredible tips from a renowned master teacher!


With Jill’s guidance, you’ll become an artist whose innate creative instincts will guide you on what’s the best for your painting.

Many artists have been waiting for YEARS just to learn from her.

Now’s your chance — and you can start the moment this video reaches your hands!




Volume 1 Tools Explained

General Introduction


Tool #1: Concept Tool:

Concept Tool Explained: Your Motif & Intention 

Concept Tool: Take Your Tools Outside


Tool #2: Shape Tool: 

Shape Tool Explained

Demonstration 1: Concept = Variety of Greens

Demonstration 2: Concept = Fall Foliage

Demonstration 3: Concept = Character of Main Chamisa Bush

Demonstration 4: “What If?” Exploration

Shape Tool: In Summary

Shape Tool: Take Your Tools Outside


Tool #3: Notan Tool: 

Notan Tool Explained

Notan Tool Demonstration: “What If?” Exploration

Notan Tool: In Summary

Notan Tool: Take Your Tools Outside

Tool #4: Value Management Tool: 

Value Management Tool Explained

Demonstration 1, part 1: Learn to Limit with 5 Values

Demonstration 1, part 2: Transfer the Value Plan to Color

Demonstration 2: Manipulating Values - 4 Values

Demonstration 3: Manipulating Values - 3 Values

Value Management Tool: In Summary

Value Tool: Take Your Tools Outside

Tool #5: Color Management Tool: 

Color Management Tool Explained

Demonstration 1: Limited Palette - Orange, Green, Violet 

Demonstration 2: Limited Palette - Green, Red/Orange, Red, Red/Violet

Color Management Tool: In Summary

Color Management Tool: Take Your Tools Outside

In Conclusion



·Jill's Painting Supplies

Volume 2 Tools Applied

General Introduction


Demonstration 1: Notan Tool & Value Management Tool

·Review the Subject & Concept

·The Notan Wash

·Initial Color Block In

·Develop Nuances


·The Final Pass


Demonstration 2: Shape Tool & Color Management Tool

·Review the Subject & Concept

·Review Contour Line Design & Limited Palette

·The Contour Drawing

·Adding Color

·Develop Nuances

·The Final Pass 


In Conclusion




·Jill's Painting Supplies

·High Speed View™

·Exhibit of Works

·Insights from the Artist


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peggy Burns Burns

I purchased "The Painter's Toolbox Collection" by Jill Carver after watching her interview on Art School Live with Eric Rhodes. Jill is such a wonderful teacher and I truly felt that I had attended a week long workshop after watching these videos. They are so professionally well done you feel you are "in class personally" with Jill. Her methodical and inspiring teaching approach clarifies the basics but then pushes students to more advanced levels of artistic creativity and understanding. These videos will always be a comprehensive resource for me to refer back to over and over and they are so worth the money spent. If you are a new artist or a seasoned artist like me, you will find find Jill Carver's "The Painter's Toolbox Collection" an invaluable resource and inspiration!

Linda Borch
Outstanding instructional video that really makes you THINK!

I will be forever grateful to Jill Carver and Paint Tube for doing her 2 part video series of “The Painter’s Toolbox.” I purchased the entire set, and I am so glad I did! This is a video set I will be watching over and over again because there is simply SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT! Jill is an outstanding teacher in that she presents a painting tool and then explains it thoroughly, giving MANY examples and demonstrations as well as her thought process. It’s not that the tools are new, but her approach and challenges for each tool are what make it exciting. She is always pushing the limit in asking “what if?” She has challenged me to see how endless the possibilities are in creating a painting rather than simply trying to portray the scene as it was in reality. This is not a “how to paint” video, but rather a “how to THINK” video... What if you did it THIS way, rather than THAT?

Mary Lou Pults
This is very very good!!!

I got both tools explained and tools applied. This is the best course I’ve ever bought. Was apprehensive about the cost after but Jill’s instruction has exceeded my expectations. I knew about values and colors excetra but the way in which they are applied just blew my mind. A revelation. Jill’s demeanor and personality is so refreshing and authentic , a pleasure . This is better than a live workshop for me because there is time to explore and let these new ways of thinking sink in. It is a lot of new and unique information. I so appreciate Jill and paint tube putting this together.

Barbara Greco Potash
Exceptional Artistic Instruction with Jill Carver

Prepare to be inspired and transformed by Jill Carver's video where complex techniques are made accessible and enjoyable. I purchased the "Ultimate Collection" without hesitation, and it has exceeded all my expectations. The video is not only fabulously orchestrated, but showcases her remarkable talent as both an artist and a teacher. Her ability to convey complex techniques in a methodical way with such clarity and precision is unparalleled. There are several demo's that will help guide you through Jill's thoughts, not as a process but the tools that are incredibly insightful.

Through concentrated study and joy, I am gradually seeing improvements in my abstract shapes and values, thanks to her instructional style. Her approach makes even the most intricate concepts accessible, and I have gained many valuable tools from this video. I would highly recommend Jill's video for painter's of all levels!

Shawnee Fleenor
Love Jill's videos and definitely recommend them

I purchased Jill Carver's Ultimate Collection, both videos, because I wanted the full instruction, and I am so glad I did. The videos are beautifully filmed and edited, but more importantly, Jill's instruction on composition is methodical and thorough. She is taking us far beyond basic armatures or grids to a place where we can make thoughtful design decisions across a broad range of options, simplifying our compositions through informed choices rather than through guessing. This is exactly what I've needed! And I think what I love most is that she's not just walking us through one individual painting, trying to balance teaching and painting at the same time, but she is explaining first the crucial decision points before getting to the demos (and there are multiple demos!). It's a great package all the way around, a thoughtful approach to important tools.