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Douglas Fryer: Painting with Intuition


Video Length: 10 Hours
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Here’s a small taste of what’s inside “Painting With Intuition”:
  • The complete demonstration of Douglas Fryer's painting process to help activate your "Artist's Intuition
  • Then WHEN and HOW to be intuitive or structured (a game changer for many artists!)
  • Methods of simplification and abstraction to imbue your work with symbolic strength
  • How to fully express yourself without making straightforward assumptions
  • How to introduce deliberate abstraction to stop habitual copying
  • Douglas’s unique method to suggest fine detail using large, broad tools, while lending towards a more abstract passage of marks and color.
  • How to activate the power of suggestion to evoke strong feelings in the viewer (powerful lesson!)
  • Techniques to help you be a little looser, gestural, and intuitive with your process
  • Douglas's indirect and layered approach designed to invite attention-grabbing surprises in your art
  • Ways of thinking to help you fully express yourself without fear
  • How to switch on a mode of thinking that allows you to be more reactive and inventive
  • How to avoid the trap of focusing too much on the final outcome and actually ENJOY the experience of creating art
  • How to use traditional and non-traditional tools and inventive color and texture to help bring out unexpected surprises
  • Crucial painting principles that can help you solve almost all painting problems
  • Rules to help you make course corrections when you get stuck
  • How to know you have a value problem and NOT a color problem
  • The REAL strength of a painting (it's not the subject), and how to get the viewer to see that
  • How to free yourself from the chains that are holding you back and be more intuitive, creative, explorative, and more
  • PLUS: How to get the viewer to participate in the painting and feel a sense of ownership (viewers will have a sense of deep connection to your painting!)
  • and so much more you won’t get anywhere else!


Do you feel you’ve hit a plateau with your painting?

Do you rely too heavily on formulas or regulations in your work? 

And that you’re too reliant on the same old tools and routine?

Or maybe your work feels too “chaotic” and unstructured, and you can’t seem to organize a plan of action - you simply flounder from start to end.

Or maybe you’re struggling to be more expressive, more loose, and have more gestures and movements.

“Habitual copying” is a problem… but the real problem is deeper.

The problem may be that you’re not tapping into your “Artist’s Intuition” - your innate ability to create wonderful works of art.

You see, most artists fall into the trap of focusing too much on the final outcome and not enjoying the experience of creating art.

Which is probably the cause of anxiety, perfectionism, and other issues that robs you from being truly expressive.

Highly successful artists can tap into their creative intuition and allow it to guide their decisions…

without being held back by fears.


Having a fearless approach to painting is one of the key ingredients for attention-grabbing, gallery-worthy artwork.

To achieve that, you have to break the chains that are holding you back and figure out what you’re really missing.

And you’re about to discover how to do that.

Learning to tap into your “artist’s intuition” is by far the most important inner work you could invest your time into.

The goal is to unleash your inner artist and nurture your artist’s soul… to experience creative freedom… to experiment with different materials…

…and most importantly… to have fun!

Because when you let go and open yourself to the colors and images that want to emerge, painting becomes an expressive, intuitive and - to many artists - a healing process.

And that’s when major breakthroughs will happen.


Master artist and sought-after instructor Douglas Fryer will share his process, techniques, approaches, and more to help you become a much more intuitive painter.

You’re going to see what it takes to connect with your creative intuition and allow it to guide your decisions.

He’s going to help you “forget” the final outcome and ENJOY the painting experience.

You’re going to discover new and refreshing approaches that might just ignite the spark of creative intuition already in you!


Meet Your New Instructor: Douglas Fryer

Douglas Fryer is widely regarded for his richly textured, subtly abstracted landscapes, still life, and figure paintings.

According to him; “Art is in the process and result of organizing elements to stimulate the senses, emotions and thoughts of both the creator and the viewer of the work. Works of art are evidence of the artist’s effort to experience and comprehend the world and to observe particular nuances in visual, conceptual and spiritual information.”

His ability to create poetic works that inspire contemplation and reflection is to be studied by both novice and experienced artists.

His art made such an impact that Meyer Gallery (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Altamira Galleries (Scottsdale, Arizona and Jackson Hole, Wyoming) and Illume Gallery of Fine Art (St. George, Utah) are now proudly representing his work.

On top of that, in 2022, the Plein Air Painters of America made him an honored Signature Member.

Douglas has an interesting approach to painting. His emotions, intuition, and personal aesthetic sensibilities guide his brushstrokes and decisions. Something anyone can learn to do.

He’s going to share with you a simple yet effective approach that gives you limitless opportunities to make intuitive choices, allowing you freedom to experiment with your medium of choice, tools or procedure.

If you’re struggling to free yourself from routines and formulas… and you want to tap into your limitless creativity… Douglas Fryer is the instructor for you.


Douglas Fryer’s Painting Masterclass: Painting with Intuition

Douglas Fryer’s painting demonstration is a must-see.

He speaks so beautifully and visually (often intricately) that we just want to continue listening to him!

Inside this video, he’s going to show you an enjoyable and much more fluid approach to painting.

It’s exactly what he does if he wants the painting to be a little looser, gestural, and intuitive- perfect for artists who struggle to achieve those in their art.

He’s also going to show you how to break down an unnerving process of creating art into manageable steps - effectively removing the overwhelm artists often experience.

You’ll also discover new ways to arrange and harmonize the elements of the composition - expanding your creative mind to things that don’t come naturally to you.

You’ll also have a better understanding of the value of experimentation, abstraction, and layering,and also the importance of value in the structure of the painting and its subjects, as well as in the expression of light and color.


Plus, he’s also sharing techniques such as:

  • Layering of underpainting, transfer drawing, block-in, refining, and the final glaze
  • An introduction to the practical use of a grid system, or underlying “armature” in a painting
  • Additive and subtractive methods of mark-making, glazing techniques, and so much more


And if you’re wondering how you can improve your “artist’s intuition”, this video has the answer.

You’ll get to see how his indirect, layered approach to painting can invite unexpected and fascinating surprises to emerge in the work, further adding excitement and life to your art.

Through his process, you’ll eventually see things you can add to your painting to make it even more interesting.

You’ll get even MORE creative and explorative just because you want to see what else you can do!

These are just some ways that can help you create truly engaging artwork that might just surprise even yourself.

If you want to discover what else you can do with your art, this instructional video is perfect for you.

Discover The Secrets to Fully Expressing Yourself

Habitual copying and making straightforward assumptions about painting holds you back from fully expressing yourself.

Douglas will share with you a mode of thinking that calls upon your capacity to respond and invent along the way, and ways to allow surprises to emerge in the painting.

On top of that, you’ll also discover how to prevent your work from becoming too chaotic and aimless without sacrificing your need to express fully.

He’s also going to show you how to introduce “deliberate abstraction” and simplification into your plan of action.

With those two elements in place, you’ll activate the power of suggestion, intuition, and spiritual/psychological states that give rise to powerful feelings in the viewer - a powerful effect you can’t invoke by subject matter alone.

Get The Best of Two Worlds… and Be Unique!

Inside this video, Douglas will also show you how to take advantage of both the control of the structured drawing and the informality and spontaneity of the underpainting as the groundwork for the choices you make in the next layers.

You’ll see how he starts with an abstract acrylic underpainting, then following that with a transfer drawing using a photo reference provided. 

Following Douglas’s approach allows you to distill the subject to an idea, quality, or symbolic state - rather than trying to create a faithful reproduction of nature.

He’ll also share with you how to use traditional and non-traditional tools and inventive color and texture to help bring out unexpected surprises that can emerge along the way.

All these skills will only pave the way for you to be an even more unique artist!

Basic Key Principles That Helps Solve Almost ALL Painting Problems

Douglas believes that by referring back to certain key principles, you’ll find it easier to solve painting problems whenever they arise. 

And the more you refer to them, the more they become second nature.

Douglas will share with you key principles to remember when showing light and form in a painting

…and also principles to suggest movement, passage of time, or the way we perceive things.

Watching this video is like “installing” important concepts into your thinking that will only turn you into a much better painter than you are today!

Remove Your Blocks and Free Your Inner Creativity

Douglas Fryer’s instructional video is more than just a demonstration of processes and techniques…

This video is a way to help you step into a mode of thinking that’s going to engage your inner creativity so you can produce even better works of art.

Having such an experienced instructor to teach you key concepts will almost guarantee your skills will improve in a short amount of time.

If you’re truly serious about becoming the artist you’ve always dreamed of, then we highly recommend learning from Doug.


Chapter Breakdown:


Exploring the Subject–

  • Intent + Extent  = Content.  We do not read the painting only in terms of subject
  • Emotional Response is the basis for all initial choices of approach

Composition: The Underlying Armature

  • Review Doug’s list of 12 compositional elementsto consider for every great painting
  • Review a Portrait of Juan de Pareja, by Diego Velázquez to see how a master painter applies these 12 compositional elements to make great art
  • Review the original photo for this demo painting, and then the ways Doug invented it and changed it to apply the compositional elements


  • The tools we use are an Extension of our Mind, and Extension of our Hand
  • In addition to the typical, you’ll use unusual tools you’ll want to have for adding and subtracting and moving paint (squeegee, catalyst wedges, putty knives)


  • The subject here is just PAINT ON A SURFACE– don’t yet think about what will be on top of this
  • The point to this is to ENJOY PUSHING AROUND PAINT–to play with colors, temperatures, textures
  • “Almost like fingerpainting when you were a child, at this stage it is just playing.”

Transfer Drawing

  •  Explain that the purpose of the transfer drawing is to get started with a quick and simple map, showing the spatial arrangement of the composition with a contour line. 
  • Transfer the prepared reference 
  • The STRUCTURE of the composition and line drawing and the Beautiful COLORFUL LOOSE UNDERPAINTING will now dictate what’s to come

Pre-Mix Color

  • Doug’s tool for speeding up drying time and adding body to paint
  • Mix 3 Value sets of colors–dark, medium, light
  • Doing this Stage SOLVES 80% of the painting trouble before you even get started


  • Quick application of values
  • Broad strokes here
  • Generalities versus specifics here
  • Chunky straight strokes even for rounded objects

Develop the Painting

  • Wet-sand the surface, let dry, and continue with the painting
  • The value of Liquin

Break It Down

  • Simplify and abstract what you’ve done–Destroy something, bring it back, search for it again. Allow for broken areas as well as simple areas so that there is meaning to each
  • Break down passages with a brush and the knives and squeegee – not everything needs to be in focus–that’s not how we see, that's not our reality. We see blurs at the edges, a fleeting moment, our impression of things vs a camera’s reality


  • Strengthen connections 
  • Adjust and build accurate structures and details
  • Continue adding, subtracting, integrating
  • There is no “finish” in regard to what other people might expect your painting to look like “The only way to judge a work of art is by the inspiration you gain by looking at it”

Simplify & Adjust–

  • Overall adjustments to color, shape and composition
  • Doug admits to some fear at making big changes at this stage–then despite it, makes the changes for the better (and he’ll show you everything)

Glaze & Continue to Refine–

  •  Push the painting past the midtones stage
  • Achieve “Turner-esque” results from glazing
  • “Respond to the painting rather than copying the reference”

Make Adjustments—

  • Add highlights and prep for final glaze to come
  • Shock the painting back into activity–put something down that you then have to respond to

Final Stage–

  • Smooth down the surface with a light scrubbing
  • Apply glaze
  • Now, go with your gut!
  • Doug shows you several glazing variation, right on the painting, to demonstrate how each results in a different look and feel
  • Additive and Subtractive techniques are continued thru to the end of the painting


  • High Speed View–timelapse of the demo painting
  • Interview with the Artist–conducted by Eric Rhoads
  • Exhibit of Works–Inspirational gallery of paintings from Douglas Fryer


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mary Podnos
Douglas Fryer INTUITION

Douglas has a very different approach to tackling a painting. The beginning is very abstracted and fun and he proceeds with a more direct approach to the subject but with an interesting base to build upon. Great edge work!

Janet Rice
Douglas Fryer video

I thought he did an excellent job explaining the composition theory and materials he used. The process he followed in applying paint was especially good in that he explained what he did and why he did it.

Stasia Fisher
True artist

Inspiring concepts in video expend beyond just technical, practical instructions to answer what truly art is. Creativity flows freely through out his instructions He helped me greatly with technique that i want to develop but also his vision of what painting should communicate to observer help me to find my way through numerous styles Thank you

Cynthia Johnson
Illuminating and Inspiring

I learned so much from Douglas' video. It encouraged me to think outside the box, harness and develop intuitive painting style.
Love his works too! Thanks so much for sharing your technique, your thought process as a seasoned artist.

Jeffery Sparks
A Humble Master and Great Teacher

The most impressive thing about this excellent video, in my opinion, is how great a teacher Douglas is. How he has developed his paintings over the years is explained well, and I will add that he holds nothing back. If you want to grow your understanding of abstracting the landscape--and create more powerful representational paintings because of that--this is the video. I have purchased many videos here on PaintTube, and all meet a need. Douglas Fryar is meeting a need that isn't easy to categorize but that so many artists know is a direction in which they need growth. At last, we have in this video not only that need met . . . and by no less than one of the greatest living masters of Fine Art.