Clouds & Sky In Watercolor And Oil


Video Length: 3 Hours 15 Minutes
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This compilation video features 14 of today’s most talented artists demonstrating their best methods and techniques for capturing the elusive subjects of clouds and skies. From these multiple lessons, you’ll experience:

  • How to paint a sky that serves as a backdrop for your painting
  • Why a properly painted sky is more than just blue paint
  • The difference between morning, midday, and evening skies
  • How top artists paint puffy clouds
  • Why the sky is the best painting element to change the mood of your paintings
  • Watercolor painting
  • Oil painting
  • Glazing
  • Scumbling
  • Composing a painting
  • Color mixing
  • Edges and values
  • And so much more!


Crisp, bright blue, and clear. Moody, heavy, and dark. Bright, warm, and peaceful. The clouds and the sky have endless facets. They’re fascinating and popular painting subjects. 

If you are painting landscapes, the clouds and sky can really set the mood of your painting (or break the mood if done poorly). 

Clouds and sky are so important in most any landscape painting — often the subject of the painting itself — it can take years to master them.

Or at least, that’s what it was like until now

We have created a video compilation featuring 14 of today’s best artists instructing and demonstrating their methods and techniques for creating exceptional clouds and a stunning sky.

Who Will Benefit From This Video Course?

This course is perfect for landscape painters, skyscape painters, watercolor painters, and oil painters at any skill level.

As long as you are fascinated with clouds and the sky, and want to learn the best way to add these elements to your paintings, you’ll get a lot of joy from this course.

If you are a landscape painter, knowing the right type of cloud to use along with a striking sky will make your paintings stand out from the crowd.

If you are a skyscape painter, this is the one training you need to break open a whole new variety of looks and moods!

And if you are either a watercolor or oil painter, this will seriously elevate your ability to create just the right colors for the look you’re wanting.

What’s Exciting About This Video?

Depicting the changing colors, luminescence, and depth of the clouds and the sky takes special knowledge and skill.

The artists showcased in this video were selected to offer you a wide variety of informative lessons. From making a sunset memory study to mixing colors for a drama-filled sky, you’ll see it all in the multiple lessons presented.

We compiled this training as a boiled-down look at painting these specific subjects. Most other courses briefly touch on the topic of clouds and the sky, but they don’t go in-depth.

Clouds & Sky in Watercolor and Oil allows you to take a really deep dive into these fascinating subjects.

Laser-Focused Study and Practice

It’s not very often that you have a chance to slow down and fully devote your study and practice time to specific subjects you frequently include in your paintings.

Like most of us, it’s more likely that you study and practice all of the elements during all of your precious painting time.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to laser-focus your time and attention on the specific subjects of clouds and skies … crucial elements in so many different types of paintings.

We didn’t spare any cost or effort to make sure that we curated the top artists and techniques for you!

Take a look at the artists who will be helping you create higher quality paintings because of your newly acquired skills of including breathtaking clouds and wondrous skies:


Chapter Breakdown


  • From Eric Rhoads


1. Color & Composition from Clouds & Distance, Kathleen Hudson
a. Learn color and composition tips for strong dramatic cloudscapes as oil painter Kathleen Hudson reviews a small study, photo reference, and thumbnail sketch 
2. Pre-Mix Sky & Cloud Colors from Dramatic Light, Kim Casebeer
a. Learn what colors to mix (and mix right along with Kim) to create a range of color and values for your dramatic skyscape in oil
3. Washy Sky Underpainting from Elegant Landscapes, Cindy Baron
a. Get rid of the scary white canvas with thin washes of lush oil paints
b. Develop the underpainting with push-and-pull: wipe out lights, add color to develop a skyscape
c. You might even want to leave it this way and call it done!
4. Develop the Sun as a Focal Point from How to Paint Glowing Landscapes, Bill Davidson
a. Use oil to paint the glowing light of the setting sun
5. Paint a Pretty Puffy Cloud from Advanced Landscape Painting, Joseph McGurl
a. Oil painting tips so your clouds don’t look like fish
b. Tips for shape making
c. How to use value and edges to give clouds mass and form
6. Paint a Night Sky from Nocturnes: Painting the Night, Carl Bretzke
a. Lean how to mix rich, deep darks with your oil paints to cover the sky area
b. Use negative painting (paint around) to create tree shapes
7. No Fear Glazing from Painting Water & Rocks in Oil, Albert Handell 
a. Use oil and glaze right over a dry finished landscape to create the effect of mist
8. Sunsets from Memory from Vibrant Landscapes, Christine Lashley
a. Learn why you don't need photo references to paint the sun
b. Follow these tips for painting a sunset study in watercolor and learn to trust yourself
9. Sky as a Backdrop from Fearless Landscapes, Shuang Li
a. Use watercolor to paint a blue sky with suggested clouds — perfect for a landscape vista
10. Seamless Blue Sky from Effortless Watercolors, Dan Marshall
a. Use watercolor to glaze a crystal blue sky color that mingles right into buildings below
11. Gray Moody Sky from Plein Air Watercolor: Capturing Nature, Dan Marshall
a. Use translucent watercolor washes to set up a misty mood
12. Happy Midday & Morning Light from Painting Sunlight, Keiko Tanabe
a. Paint two watercolor skies: a blue sky with puffy clouds, and then a yellowy wakeup glow that makes the perfect peaceful backdrop
13. Change the Mood from Storytelling with Watercolor, Keiko Tanabe
a. Use watercolor to transform a bright midday sky into a rich orange late-day sky
14. Bluer than Blue from Painting Architecture in Watercolor, Stewart White
a. How to make a watercolor blue sky more interesting
15. Pale Sunset Sky from Confident Watercolor, Richie Vios
a. Use watercolor to set the mood of an encroaching evening settling on a boat dock
16. Tips for Painting Skies from Watercolor from Photos, Michael Holter
a. Paint three little sky studies and learn how to let watercolor do the work: 1) colorful; 2) evening sunset sky; 3) puffy white clouds in a blue sky




    Bonus Extras

    • The video also features a fan favorite — high-speed views so you can see the full demonstration or a related demo in sped-up motion. This will help you get a feel for the development of the finished paintings.
    • Promotional trailers of the full videos from which the lessons were pulled. These quick promos offer insights to what the full videos feature and how they can help you create higher-quality paintings.

    That’s Right! You’re going to experience 16 laser-focused lessons showing you how to level up your paintings just by upgrading your ability to paint clouds and skies!

    Soon you’ll notice how your friends and family compliment your work, find that galleries accept your artwork without hesitation, and you win more competitions!

    Viewers of your paintings might not realize that it’s your new level of expertise in painting awe-inspiring clouds and skies that has made them suddenly take notice of your work...

    They just know that your paintings capture their attention and communicate a specific mood.

    In other words, your paintings make them feel something.

    And isn’t that your desired outcome?