Stephen Quiller

Stephen Quiller: Landscapes in Living Color

Video Length: 0 Hour 57 Minutes
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You’ll Love This Watercolor Painting Video If:

  • You want to create an interesting mountain scene from start to finish
  • You want to learn watercolor color techniques from Stephen Quiller
  • You love painting in watercolor and want to learn more


Master color essentials & learn new watercolor techniques with a step-by-step watercolor painting lesson from Stephen Quiller in Landscapes in Living Color: Stephen Quiller Paints in Watercolor. In this video lesson you’ll follow along as Stephen Quiller as he discusses color basics, how to make smart color decisions and how to develop the right palette based on a color wheel.

Next, Stephen shows you tips for painting landscapes in watercolor by demonstrating a mountain scene. From start to finish you’ll learn new tips for creating interesting, varied mountains. Move at your own pace and practice how to paint a mountain in this watercolor painting lesson from Stephen Quiller. This watercolor painting video is great for artists of all skill levels.


In the Landscapes in Living Color: Stephen Quiller Paints in Watercolor Video You’ll Learn:

  • How to create a versatile watercolor palette using a color wheel
  • Watercolor painting techniques for mixing versatile neutrals
  • How to paint a mountain landscape scene using complements and near complements


About the Artist: Stephen Quiller

Stephen Quiller is an expert artist with more than 30 years of experience working in the southern Colorado Mountains. Stephen loves to share his love of watercolor painting with students and fellow artists through his painting workshops. Stephen has become a trusted name in the watercolor painting community with a collection of painting books and videos meant for artists of all skill levels.