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Georgia Mansur: Vibrant Watercolors


Video Length: 1 Hour 48 Minutes
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Discover Georgia Mansur’s “Joyful Palette” Process to Create Rich and Bold Watercolor Art Every Time!

This course is designed for artists who have experienced watercolor’s challenges.

It’s a gateway to quickly mastering watercolor’s tricky characteristics so you can focus on the joyful parts of painting instead of being frustrated with the nuances of the medium.

In Vibrant Watercolors, Georgia demystifies the watercolor process, guiding you through three critical stages of painting.

You’ll learn the art of balancing wetness and dryness, creating passages of light, and harnessing the vibrancy of colors. It’s not about mixing colors — it’s about knowing how to let the water and paint weave their magic with minimal intervention.

You’ll learn to embrace boldness and take risks that pay off with rich imagery. You’ll get to improve your artistry and see your watercolors come alive with luminous, juicy hues.

Forget muddy, lifeless tones — just vivid colors full of joyful life.

Georgia shares her insights on creating harmony between background and foreground, making your paintings more cohesive and expressive. The course also covers innovative use of tools like brushes, sponges, and stencils to lift paint, sculpting both positive and negative shapes.

With her proven 3-stage “Joyful Palette” process, creating rich and bold watercolor art is now even easier — even if you’re new to watercolors.

This process effectively solves the challenge of color mixing, making it easier to understand and avoiding the muddy colors that haunt many watercolor artists.

Once you understand Georgia’s process, you’ll have an advanced understanding of how to make your watercolors bright and vibrant.

However, this amazing process does more than just put your art on the right path…

…it also simplifies your approach — showing you what to prioritize first, common mistakes to avoid, and many other useful tips to ensure a successful painting.

One such technique you’ll quickly grasp is her “instant bold” painting method, where you don’t need to spend so much time glazing layers of paint to get the look you want!

With so many incredible insights, Georgia will take you from where you are now to creating expressive and vibrant watercolor paintings quickly, without the confusion and frustration.



What You’ll Discover Inside:

  • Georgia’s “Liquid Sunshine” technique to paint glowing watercolors…
  • How to create a juicy color mix that creates a glow and feeling of light…
  • A simple trick to “Velcro” the colors of the background and flowers to establish color harmony throughout the painting…
  • The “overcompensating” trick to nail the right color and value during the early stages…
  • How to load your brush with the CORRECT balance of water and paint…
  • What to do to make the flowers “dance” and have their own personality…
  • Key color tips to integrate stems and seed heads with the rest of the painting…
  • How to see what needs adjusting by taking a different posture…
  • How to give petals more delicacy…
  • Georgia’s go-to secret to make the “diva flower” stand out even more…
  • How to LIFT color to create interest…
  • How to add depth and texture with stencils, and keep the stenciled areas natural so they fit and don’t look like cutouts…
  • An easy way to master watercolor’s timing…
  • How to lift back areas to bring light and lead the viewer’s eye around the painting…
  • The BEST approach to avoid creating muddy or dull colors…
  • How to get your values correct every time…
  • How to get rich, jewel-like color without all the glazing!
  • PLUS: Techniques for lifting paint with brushes, sponges, and other tools…
  • and so much more!



Lesson Plan

Chapter 1: Introduction
In this introductory chapter, Georgia sets the tone for a transformative watercolor experience, promising to infuse your artwork with light, color, and joy!
Chapter 2: Materials
Explore Georgia's personal selection of paints, brushes, and unique tools for creating effects like scraping, stenciling, and splattering. This chapter is about understanding the significance of each material in achieving rich, vibrant watercolors.
Chapter 3: Planning Your Painting
This chapter will teach you to see beyond the outlines. Georgia guides you through perceiving your subject in simple light and dark shapes, setting the foundation for realistic and dynamic watercolor paintings. This chapter emphasizes the importance of value planning, simplifying the process to three key tones.
Chapter 4: Stage 1 - The Background
Here, Georgia teaches the technique of “Liquid Sunshine,” blending colors to achieve a radiant and harmonious backdrop. You’ll learn to create GLOW and the effects and feeling of light. This chapter focuses on overcompensating color and value, ensuring your watercolors retain their intensity and depth when dry. Georgia also shares tips to create juicy, intense, and richly colored paintings.
Chapter 5: Stage 2 - The Flowers
Learn how to make the flowers dance in this chapter! Georgia shares tips to paint with intention, giving each flower its unique character and making them “come alive” on your paper. From color harmony to edge control, this chapter is a deep dive into the nuances of creating a vibrant, personality-filled garden of watercolors!
Chapter 6: Stage 3 - Adjustments
In this chapter, refine and enhance your painting with a fresh perspective. Georgia leads you through what she calls “meditative adjustments,” from softening edges to lifting color for texture. Discover how to create “ghosted” foliage and make your “diva flower” pop, tying your painting together with joyful intention.



Extra Bonuses:

  • High Speed View for your painting convenience
  • Exhibit of works for your creative inspiration
  • Interview with Eric Rhoads for insights and motivation




Meet Your New Instructor: International Award-Winning Artist Georgia Mansur!

Meet Georgia Mansur, an international award-winning artist whose bold watercolor style will guide you on a fearless artistic journey like no other.

Georgia's art is a testament to her deep connection with nature, from the picturesque landscapes of California to the heart of Australia’s outback and Sydney’s coastal beauty.

Georgia;s passion for painting began at the tender age of 16. Her path, fueled by a deep love for color and expression, led her to become not just a celebrated artist but a beacon of inspiration for budding painters globally.

Georgia’s artistic acclaim extends beyond borders. She’s a recipient of the prestigious Laguna Plein Air Painters Association’s Walker Scholarship for Excellence, and her expertise is recognized at international plein air conventions from Monterey to Santa Fe.

As a trained and certified International Golden Paints Artist Educator and an International Ambassador for Daniel Smith Paints, she’s not just an artist, but a mentor and innovator — developing and refinding the exclusive “Georgia Mansur Palette.”

Her co-created signature brushes and numerous exhibitions across cities like Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, and Provence, alongside workshops in Europe, America, and Australasia, underline her global influence and commitment to teaching.

Georgia’s journey is not just about mastering watercolors; it’s about inspiring artists to capture the world through their own eyes.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, Georgia Mansur is the mentor you've been searching for. With her at your side, you'll explore the joys of watercolor painting, learn to capture the colorful essence of flowers, and most importantly, discover your own artistic voice along the way.


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Belinda Joseph
So Pretty

I am an oil painter who dabbles in water colors. I met an artist a couple of years ago who did bright colored water colors. Yours are exceptional. TY so much for this video.