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Eric Rhoads' Art Marketing Boot Camp IV


Video Length: 5 Hours 8 Minutes
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Finally, with How to Quit Your Job and Become a Successful Full-Time Artist, your dream of quitting your job and becoming a financially successful full-time artist can become a reality.

It is possible to make a great living by doing what you love, and art publisher, marketer, and blogger B. Eric Rhoads will show you the exact steps you need to take to make it happen. These are not theories, but a proven process to make the leap from employment to full-time artist.

In this video, you'll discover the essentials that you must have to transition from working a "day job" to painting more, selling more, and making more money in the process. You'll see all the footage recorded in front of a live audience at Eric's annual Art Marketing Boot Camp. In addition, the video includes hours of additional content not covered at the live event.

Eric attacks the most commonly asked marketing questions, as provided by the eager audience. You'll see him address many of the limiting beliefs and barriers that artists face in their quest to be paid well for doing what they really want to do. He'll reveal his in-depth, effective system for success — this is not just advice to practice "positive thinking."

If you follow these practices step by step, you could see your dream of becoming a full-time artist come true. Eric has seen these tools implemented and watched artists transition from full-time job to full-time artist while staying self-sufficient. When this happens for you, you could have the time and income to travel to paint or to attend painting events, to support yourself as an artist, and to live your dream.


Watch as Eric:

  • Busts the most common art myths that are impacting your mindset
  • Gives specifics on how to make your goals more attainable, and actually reach them
  • Shows you how to say yes to the best and no to the rest when it comes to your marketing, and how to know exactly what is right for you
  • Gives you a proven, step-by-step way to transition away from your job, while keeping your income and living the dream as a full-time artist
  • Reveals the biggest stumbling block artists face — and how to overcome it
  • Shows you how to create a strategy to improve your painting quality fast
  • Exposes his secret Core Principles of Success. Practice these principles, and you're on your way to getting where you want to be!
  • Reveals what the world's most successful painters consistentlydo — and how you can do it, too!
  • Demonstrates how making decisions quickly and firmly, and avoiding overthinking, can change everything.
  • Provides tools to properly define who really buys your paintings and then market effectively to them.
  • Offers mind-boggling tips that will help you transform your life so you can live the exact life you want
  • Explains how to make more money while doing fewer paintings
  • Defines steps you can take to keep galleries focused on selling you above others
  • Reveals how to define what success is in your career.
  • Offers a routine to address and solve your biggest challenges
  • Explains "The Ancient Book of Secrets"
  • Reveals how 59 minutes can change everything in your career
  • Demonstrates how to raise your art income to the level of your current income
  • Tells you how to increase your confidence as a painter
  • Explains how to get off the treadmill and get others to help market your art
And a whole lot more!


    No matter how much you've struggled in the past to make it as a paid artist, you're about to see just how to do it — without the struggle.

    You won't want to miss a minute of this valuable video — this will be one you refer to again and again as you design your new life!

    Please Note: the material covered in the Art Marketing Boot Camp series is meant to be consumed in a sequence starting with Art Marketing Boot Camp (followed by Art Marketing Boot Camp II, etc.). While the trainings are technically independent of each other, each video explores new information and builds upon concepts covered in earlier Art Marketing Bootcamp videos. For this reason, we recommend that all art marketers start their training with Art Marketing Boot Camp.


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