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Charles Miano: Old Master Portrait Drawing


Video Length: 10 Hours 30 Minutes
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Discover The Secrets of Classical Portrait Drawing From a Living Master And His Simple Step-by-Step Approach 

Uncover the mysteries of the greatest artists in history with the brilliant artist and instructor Charles Miano, founder & director of Southern Atelier Center for Fine Art (Sarasota, Florida).

If you love to uncover the mysteries of how the Old Masters created stunning in-depth portraits…

…if you pride yourself in preserving the “lost” techniques from the greatest artists in history, and you’d like to apply them to your next work…

…if you’re looking for a simple approach broken down into basic manageable steps anyone can follow to draw powerful realistic portraits…

…this video contains everything you need, plus more.

In his best-selling video “Old Master Portrait Drawing”, master artist Charles Miano is going to reveal exactly how he creates a classically inspired drawing of a female portrait using charcoal.

All you have to do is watch and follow along. No matter your level of experience, this masterclass is a gem any serious artist should have in their library.

Watch Charles as he demonstrates how the masters of the past relied upon their study of nature and anatomy to create breathtaking portraits.

He will expose how the greatest artists in history approach drawing and translate life into art that stands the test of time.

You’re also going to get a glimpse of “Sprezzatura”, and how you too can implement this to add an interesting advantage to your paintings.

Ultimately, this video will reveal how to go beneath the surface of the human visage to capture the individual’s true essence, consciousness, and spirit… and how to apply that understanding to create your next portrait masterpiece.


Learn key concepts and lessons like:

  • How to paint a classically inspired portrait by following a series of basic manageable stages anyone can do easily…
  • How to gain the joy that comes from setting a proper intention for your art and works…
  • How to balance a loose and expressive approach the “classical” way…
  • How to AVOID attachment and despair when approaching your work by creating a quiet mindset and ritual disposition toward your artistic practice (MUST WATCH) ...
  • How to have accurate structural representation while conveying life and emotion…


Here’s what you’ll also discover inside “Old Master Portrait Drawing”:

  • How to create a “Disegno" or conceptual design…
  • How to create a “Strutturra” or Framework on which to build…
  • How to create the “light effect” ...
  • How to model the forms by understanding human morphology…
  • A demonstration of the “Finire” or finishing stage of the drawing…
  • How to use the “secret figure” to capture a likeness quickly…
  • How to draw through and around your subject…
  • How to use a simple and clear structural method to improve the accuracy of your drawing…
  • How to see the harmonious light effect described by precise values and edges…
  • How to identify and relate important anatomical landmarks…
  • How to capture the essence and spirit of the model…
  • Strategies to impart a classic feel to your work through a balance of gesture and structure…
  • PLUS: How to draw with power and purpose…
  • and so much more valuable insights that will help you create MORE masterpieces!


Who Is Charles Miano?

Meet Charles Miano, founder and director of Southern Atelier Center for Fine Art in Sarasota, Florida, who’s also an ARC Associate Living Master, and is a strong advocate of the revival of Classically Inspired Representationalism. 

What truly sets Charles apart is his exceptional teaching methods and unwavering dedication to his students. As the hands-on director of his atelier, he provides intensive and attentive instruction, pursuing in-depth, saturated studies in the tradition of the Old Masters. He's also a prolific traveler, offering workshops and lectures on realist art and his own artistic methods.

Charles's artwork is known for its passion and power, communicating deep emotional truths that resonate with viewers on a subconscious level. He creates heartfelt experiences of his reality, channeling emotional truths through a visual language that speaks directly to the heart.

If you're a passionate artist who wants to learn the secrets of the Old Masters, Charles Miano is the perfect instructor for you. With his exceptional teaching methods and dedication to his students, he can help you improve your craft and create powerful and soul-stirring portraits.

This is your chance to learn from a living master. Start today and see your painting skills improve in just a few weeks!


This best-seller is perfect for you if:

  • You want to go even deeper in understanding facial anatomy and how it applies to portraiture…
  • You want to go BEYOND simply “copying what you see” ...
  • You want to get better at interpreting abstract concepts like how to capture the essence of a subject, spirit, and movement through ancient knowledge of structure and anatomy…
  • You want to break down the mysteries of the Old Masters…
  • You love the idea of “building” a drawing through a step-by-step method of learning…
  • You want to learn how to approach classical art from both the head and heart…
  • You want to understand Charles Miano’s unique teaching in using “life energy” and movement…
  • You want to know what goes behind the scenes of how Charles Miano’s work conveys a sense of passion and power that communicates on a subconscious level…
  • You want to discover the secrets of how to create portraits that stir the heart of the viewer…


  • Introduction
  • Drawing Materials
  • Paper Preparation
  • Head-Building Exercises
  • The Desegno
  • The Struttura
  • Gestural Construct phase
  • Shape Articulation phase
  • Light Effects: Masses of Value
  • Morphology: Modeling Form
  • Develop Morphology: Small Forms and Transition
  • Finis: Finish the Drawing



  • Portrait Anatomy & Muscle Structure:
  • Anatomy of the Skull 
  • Anatomy of the Muscles of the Head
  • Anatomy of the Muscles of Facial Expression
  • Interview: Discussion of Charles’ Atelier and his philosophy
  • Exhibit of Works


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Carol Marie Welty Roper
Charles Miano’s Master Art Review

Miano is an excellent instructor of techniques for painting the Light! His enthusiasm is very contagious and energizing. What a privilege to learn and create with him!

Sonica Odendaal
Charles Miano: Old Master Portrait Drawing

I loved this presentation. Charles is so passionate about his art and it shows. Its contagious ?? I would definitely recommend purchasing his tutorial. Charles...

Angus Johnson
Pablo's chatter

If you are serious about good drawing then this is worthwhile. Charles sets out his method of making a good drawing based on solid academic principles. He then goes onto explain moving away from line drawing to drawing in shapes, masses and tones. He has a unique way of expressing his passion for art and is enjoyable to watch!
From personal experience, after watching this video and doing a practice sketch my own drawings have improved.

Worthwhile investment. p.s Pablo is his skeleton. Thanks Charles! cheers AJ

Marc Dimmick
Great lessons and expereince

This is just a part of my journey into art. I found the content and delivery to be great and easy to follow.

Katrina Gorman
New Beginnings

After watching this video, I really appreciate how the Masters must have done portrait painting. Makes me appreciate drawing more with learning old master methods which are new to me. Thanks Charles. You rock!