Mario A. Robinson

Mario A. Robinson Combo Set


Video Length: 7 Hours 43 Minutes
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This Combo Set includes 2 Mario A. Robinson Watercolor Instructional Videos.

Beginner Watercolor Portraits

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover in this video:

  • For best results, create a value-based underpainting (you’ll be so glad you did!)
  • What type of block-in works best for watercolor portraits? Mario shows you!
  • Avoid this quality-killer of portraits … you may not even know you’re doing this bad thing!
  • Correct water-to-pigment mixtures — it is an exact science
  • How remaining transparent will help you get noticed! (It works for Mario, and it will work for you, too!)
  • Glazes, glazes, and more glazes — you can never have enough … or can you?
  • Want more realism in your portraits? Do this!
  • New and different approaches to watercolor painting — you’ll wish you knew this stuff a long time ago, but you’ll know now!
  • Enjoy the process of painting a high-quality portrait
  • Thorough explanations and demonstrations … all simplified for better learning and application
  • Portraits need soft edges … here’s how to create them!
  • You’re the boss of your watercolor … but you have to be a nice boss! This alone will skyrocket the quality of your watercolor work!
  • Control the approach … and control the outcome!
  • Why it’s OK to paint over everything you just did!
  • Your portraits need facial moisturizer, too! 
  • Mario’s (not so) secret weapon to block the staining of the pigment and to soften edges (he glady shares it all with you!)
  • And so much more…

    In Beginner Watercolor Portraits, you’re going to see it all — from Mario establishing a monochromatic underpainting all the way through to understanding when it’s time to stop and not overwork the painting.

    If you know Mario and his work, you know that you’ll find value in everything he teaches and demonstrates for you. 

    If you’ve never met him or experienced any of his breathtaking artwork, you’re in for an amazing adventure as you learn from this gifted artist.

    Soft-spoken and methodical in his approach, Mario teaches in a way that makes it much simpler for you to understand every single step you’ll take when painting watercolor portraits.

    All throughout, Mario will stop to point out helpful details and information to ease you into the sometimes complicated subject of portraits.

    He leaves nothing out as he gladly shares the knowledge and skill he’s acquired over the past 24 years as a professional artist:

    • Establishing proper value relationships at block-in
    • Color application and how to create naturalistic tones for your portrait
    • The integral role water-to-pigment mixtures play in creating luminous watercolors
    • Techniques for keeping the watercolor transparent — especially important for portrait painting to avoid oversaturation
    • Techniques that will help your painting become more dynamic with each layer, creating drama and story

    Signature Look

    One look at Mario’s art and you’ll quickly discover the depth and richness that sets his work apart from other artists. You’ll see how he paints so that reflected light is allowed to pass right through the watercolor — and now you’ll be able to try this out for yourself!

    You’ll be enamored by how Mario works through each stage of the process with the end goal in mind … creating a luminous painting that retains freshness. 

    Soon, you’ll be incorporating Mario’s methods into your own watercolor portraits so that your paintings turn out just as you want them.

    If you’ve EVER had the desire to paint portraits in watercolor, now is the time to take action and learn from Mario. His detailed, yet simplified, methods are just what you need to create gorgeous watercolor portraits that will catch the eye and turn the head of everyone who sees them.



    Watercolor Portraits


    Here’s more of how Mario is going to help you transform your watercolor portraits:

    • How to guide the watercolors and never try to control what refuses to be controlled (not unlike the free spirit of many artists!)
    • Mixing skin tones for light and shadow — this is the stuff top artists know
    • Creating form to breathe life into your portraits
    • Dry brush techniques that will give you an extra boost of realism (just what you’re looking for in a portrait!)


    With over five hours of instruction, you won’t want to miss one bit of the action as Mario takes you step by step through an entire painting — everything from start to finish that you’ll need to know to help you uncover the many secrets watercolor portrait painting holds. And all along the way, Mario not only shows you, but tells you why, so you don’t have to suffer through frustrating trial and error.

    In addition to Mario’s easygoing painting style, his instruction is thorough and simple, making it easy for you to grasp and then apply it.


    Techniques, Principles & Secrets Revealed!

    Don’t Go Chasing Watercolors! Mario reveals the principles he follows and the secrets he uses every time he creates a work of art. He encourages you to keep things simple — not to attempt to control the watercolor, but to rein it in and guide it. He shows you how to keep your work areas small so you’re not trying to fix things later, which can ruin your painting. His inspiration and guidance will make you want to take action right away because your world will open to the new possibilities for what you can do using Mario’s techniques.

    Here are the mysteries Mario uncovers for you:

    • Learn the one thing that puts you in a position for a highly successful portrait painting
    • Another secret shows you how your paintings could grab people’s attention like never before
    • Know when to assert control and when to let your watercolors have freedom after you do this!
    • Mario reveals a time-saving tip that injects light into his paintings
    • Trouble with natural skin tones? Learn what great watercolor artists do!
    • Overcome one of the biggest struggles for watercolor and portraitartists as Mario shows you how to master this technique to create softer lines and edges
    • Tricks for getting the exact color you’re going for —this will save you a lot of time and headaches!
    • Fast drying times? Turn it to your advantage by doing this!
    • Why getting yourself a cup of coffee is exactly what your painting needs!
    • The rhythm of watercolor — how to go with it and not fight it (an absolute if you want to get really good with watercolors!)
    • A whole lot more...


    After each segment in the video, you’ll see what looks like magic happening in front of you. With every new layer of perfectly mixed color and each expert stroke of his brush, Mario explains why he’s doing what he’s doing ... what it’s going to bring to the painting.

    This is what brings the deep level of knowledge you need as you watch his beautiful painting unfold. The skin tones, the contour of his subject’s arms, the shadows … all executed with precision, yet so practical that it will all begin to make perfect sense to you.

    Mario paints in the American realist style of Andrew Wyeth and Thomas Eakins. He instructs with his own tried-and-true techniques that unravel the myths and mysteries of watercolor painting. He is thorough, concise, and practical — just what it takes for you to really “get” the nuances of watercolor painting and not let past experiences or what others have to say hold you back from getting really good with watercolor.                                                    

    You may not be able to attend one of Mario’s live workshops, but you can sure bring Mario’s expert guidance into your own studio by ordering this video, watching it right away, and then putting all of Mario’s great techniques and advice into action.