Chantel Barber/Marcia Burtt Acrylic Bundle


Video Length: 8 Hours
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Chantel Barber: Painting From Photos - Expressive & Emotional


What’s exciting about this course:

  • Never view acrylic portrait painting the same way again
  • Discover how to paint loose, expressive effects with acrylic paints
  • How to turn acrylic’s fast drying time into an advantage 
  • Paint with intent and experience true liberation
  • Strange everyday tools to enhance your painting
  • Add movement, color, brushwork, light, and story into your paintings
  • Dos and don’ts of painting from a photo reference
  • How to make the right choice when editing (and avoid permanent mistakes)
  • Energize your brushstrokes
  • Achieve lost and found edges, even with acrylics
  • Important mindset-shifting advice on interpretation
  • The little-known reason you shouldn’t ignore Photoshop
  • Surefire ways to engage your viewers through rhythm & movement
  • How to stay flexible as your composition takes shape
  • PLUS: An enlightening interview with Chantel
  • And much, much more!


You’re about to push the boundaries of portrait storytelling by gaining a deep understanding of the principles of acrylic painting… 

Even if you work mainly with oils, Chantel’s unique style and approach to acrylics will have a significant impact on your artwork.

Chantel will show you how to capture a photo’s life and essence so you can go beyond copying photos into the realm of creating original artwork from them.

You’ll learn how to paint engaging and inspiring portraits that are full of meaning, substance, and expression…

Portraits that entice the viewers’ senses — drawing them in visually through masterful application of bold strokes and strong colors.

After this course, you may not look at acrylic portrait painting the same way again...

Chantel’s signature blend of techniques is the result of three long decades of practice

It’s a rare combination that impresses both art collectors and master painters!

This is the fine art of acrylic portrait painting. 

You’re going to get paradigm-shifting painting insights you can’t get anywhere else…

Taught by none other than Chantel Barber herself — one of the best acrylic painters of our generation!

No matter where you are in your painting journey, Chantel’s distinctive approach will help you transform into a much stronger artist.

Chantel is a very ambitious woman … extremely ambitious...

Before she fell in love with acrylics in 1990, Chantel had been drawing people using oils since she was 11 years old...

She knew her passion was for creating portraits using an impressionistic and loose style, and that was best suited to oil paints...

But one day she got curious: “Why can’t I use acrylics to achieve the same outcome as oils?”

She was determined to find the answer, but struggled to find anyone who could teach her.

On top of that, the artists she knew said acrylic was best used for abstract work and bold graphics — NOT portraiture.

She knew the two mediums were completely different...

But like a true artist, she decided to break all the rules.

She spent the next 30 years exploring and honing her acrylic techniques, doing things almost no other artist could replicate without her personal guidance.

Which is why Chantel is the perfect teacher to help strengthen your art techniques — even if acrylic is not your primary medium.

She’ll reveal how you can bridge the gap between oil and acrylic techniques to create something exceptionally unique to you.


Chapter Breakdown 

01- Introduction

02- Materials & Tools

03- Tips for Working with Photos

04- Block In

05- Mixing Color

06- Develop the Painting

07- Create Special Effects

08- Add Details

09- Push & Pull

10- Fresh Eyes & Finishing Flourishes


Marcia Burtt: Landscapes


A Painting Adventure 

Marcia works in acrylics, but her lessons on painting are broad and will appeal to many artists.


As an expert outdoor painter, Marcia will guide you on an exciting adventure, even when the weather isn’t favorable. With this video, you can paint outside or inside.

  • Properly set up your easel for a smoother painting experience
  • Use the ocean tide to your best advantage, and plan ahead
  • Observe light and weather and how to recognize changes so you can adjust quickly
  • Appreciate changing conditions — you’ll learn to love the process! 
  • The magic of carving negative space with paint!
  • Start off using a limited palette … you’ll be so glad you did because it removes the stress of jumping into color mixing!
  • How a large brush will help you do more than just put paint on your canvas! (This will surprise you for sure!)
  • Marcia debunks mistakes … this, you MUST know!
  • The simple way to add detail and refinement (you may already know, but you’ll do it more freely now!)
  • Incorporate qualities just because you love them! (Now that’s refreshing, isn’t it?)
  • Picking subjects that excite you (trust us, you’ll be a better painter because of it)
  • Silencing that mean-spirited inner critic so you enjoy what you do!
  • And so much more!


The Trouble With Living in a Beautiful World!

Artists see the world differently than other people do.

Let’s face it … when we see crashing waves against a glowing sunset or a vibrant meadow blanketed with colorful flowers, something happens within us.

The feeling is intense … not only do our hearts melt, we yearn to document the moment in a painting we can already envision in our minds.

It sounds so idyllic … until we try to paint it!

Suddenly we’re struggling because we’re trying to remember all the rules every instructor has ever taught us. Head spinning, we try to follow so many rules that sometimes our paintings feel cluttered and lack beauty.

Prepare yourself, those days are gone!

No More Handcuffs

You’re a creative person. You should not feel like you are handcuffed by rules alone. Painting should be fun and you should feel free!

Marcia will help you gain that freedom, help you have more fun, and, most importantly, help you paint beautiful landscapes. 

After watching and some practice, you’ll feel the satisfaction of being a better painter. You’ll no longer have to be embarrassed about what others might think. You’ll be proud to say, “I painted that,” and you’ll start to receive compliments on your work.

No rules, no worries!  

“I’m still ‘learning’ rules from artists who wonder why I seem to do everything wrong, and I’m not even troubled by it,” says artist Marcia Burtt. 

If you love rules and systems, and don’t care to be playful and free, this video may not be for you … it may be more suited to those who want to paint without fear, paint what they want when they want, and not have stress or guilt about it!

Marcia’s refreshing approach to landscape painting combines a strong foundation, clear instruction, and FUN, all in one video. It’s a lot easier than you think!

Best of all, you’re going to see a whole new way to paint that is just what you need for your own renewal. 

This video shows you how to: 

Skip the planning and jump right into painting. If you don’t have much experience in drawing, this is for you. Forget thumbnails and sketching.  

Stop the worrying about making mistakes. Teaching from her expertise, Marcia shows you how to turn a mistake into a masterpiece.

“I offer no rules, only methods, but focus strongly on the importance of preparation. Then I show how I use acrylics even through adverse conditions. I hope to let the student see how to use unpredictability of weather as a way to stimulate creative excitement.” — Marcia Burtt