Anne Bagby

Anne Bagby: The Grunge Book: An Acrylic Art Journal


Video Length: 1 Hour 3 Minutes
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In art, practice makes perfect, and there's no better place for practice than in a beautiful, personalized journal.

(Note: This video workshop is project-based not a technique-based workshop like Anne's other two videos.)

In this workshop, collage artist Anne Bagby shows you how to design a unique sketch book that you'll be proud to carry in public. From designing and filling each page with drawings to creating a glossy, customized cover, Anne will take you step-by-step through the creation of your art journal. You add paper, paint, and text to a used book to create the cover and backdrop for your drawings.

Anne leads you through basic page layout before demonstrating a completed portrait sketch. You layer acrylic paint and gesso to enhance your pencil drawing, and Anne's flexible techniques help you fix mistakes and tone down distracting elements.

Fill your book with sketches or art, then curate it to hold only your best pieces. Finally, add a finishing touch by coating your cover with epoxy. Your journal will serve as a record of your progress and as a work of art in its own right.


Information on the Deli Paper that Anne uses:
At Sam's Club the deli paper is 12 x 10 3/4 folded in a green box and is called "dry wax paper" interfolded deli wrap. There are two boxes taped together for about 10 dollars. Another brand she uses is Dixie. From Costco it is called Kabinet Wax, heavyweight Premium Dry Wax Paper. It's in a dark blue box (Ultramarine perhaps?) with white writing and a black strip down the center. 500 sheets at 10" x 10-3/4"Costco stuff is most likely the right stuff. It's just it's confusing because wax paper like we buy in the grocery story isn't good but the "dry wax paper" that is also known as deli paper is the right stuff.


Interview with Anne Bagby (audio) 


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Bren dill
Easy being yourself knowing you are a artist that no one can be ordinary unless you let it happen

Value yourself